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Zero Dry Time offers your business a variety of cleaning solutions.

We have an extended tried and tested range of leather-cleaning maintenance and repair products to suit your business needs. Whether you have scuffs, fading, colour loss, stains or dried-out leather, we can clean, protect, feed and re-instate the aroma into your tired leather and provide a sleek makeover for your business and corporate environment.

We have undertaken major research and development into each and every product to ensure your business environment receives the highest quality method which meets the needs and requirements of the job in hand, tailored to meet your specific cleaning needs. Zero Dry Tme offers a holistic range of cleaning for all your business needs.

Keep your business premises looking sleek and professional with zero dry time, we take care of your leather cleaning and restoration needs by offering:-

  • Cost reduction – why replace when we can restore?
  • Minimise business disruption- zero dry time cleaning means just that
  • Wide range of leather cleaning solutions

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